PEO. EOR. GEO. IEOR Understand the difference and know which solution is best for your business

Which solution is best for your business?

  • International Employer of Record (IEOR)
  • International PEO (IPEO)
  • Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO)

The complexities of global employment standards faced by companies when expanding or looking to hire full time / contract workers to launch or service their business globally, can leave even the very experienced HR & Procurement professionals perplexed.

Today’s marketing campaigns lead to the impression that utilizing a third party IPEO or GEO is the same as the 1000’s of USA PEO’s in terms of structure, acceptance and compliance.  Deciding on the improper or mis-represented solution can put your company and worker at legal risk. Being aware of the key differences is essential to ensure the correct fit for your business.

International EOR (IEOR) Solutions

An International EOR (Employer of Record) solution takes control of the management of your worker (full -time or contractor), including employment arrangement type.  It assumes and is liable for all the back-office functions such as on-boarding, contract management, payroll, local in-country employer and employee taxes, access to social benefits where required, public holiday / vacation accruals and full compliance with termination notice periods and any required payouts and onboarding for you. The IEOR service provider is recognized and viewed by the government as  the legal in-country employer.

Does International PEO (IPEO / GEO) truly exist ?

In the USA, a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) functions as an outsourcing firm providing  co-employment HR solutions for your company workers. When utilizing a PEO in the USA the company must  create  a ‘co-employment’ relationship with the provider for the workers. The PEO assist in administrative back office functions, however, most employment liability and responsibilities are still legally with your company registered in the USA.

If your company does not have a registered business in a country the local government has no legal channels to pursue for any claims brought by a worker. Your local in country partner will carry full exposure to worker claims.  However, Governments can restrict your future rights and privileges and also limit any banking and payments flowing through their banks. Many companies who represent IPEO or GEO are utilizing staffing firms, accountants, legal and payroll companies to onboard and pay workers but with this comes increase cost for service, banking, set up fee’s and deposits that may not be fully transparent in pricing and fee structures.

Help in making the proper decision

If you have urgency to start your global business expansion plans, the need to bring on a worker in a country or not wanting to exhaust the time and cost associated with opening a legal entity, then IEOR is the right solution for you. Partnering with an EOR expedites the onboarding process, ensures compliance solutions and allows your workers to be properly classified and paid. In the USA companies can engage workers globally via a partner like CXC global and be invoiced in USD$, leveraging CXC’s 28-year history in over 65 countries.


CXC simplifies how organizations and contingent workers connect compliantly and efficiently.

Established in Australia in 1992 to provide contractor vetting, compliance and payroll, the contingent workforce market has continued to be our core, with services now delivered in over 50 countries internationally by local specialists. Our corporate offering has evolved over the past decade due to increasing market complexity, regulation, technology and evolving client demand.

CXC is now able to be an extension of your HR and Procurement function, taking responsibility for your entire contingent workforce. CXC’s difference is that, while managing visibility, cost and control, we also enable your talent first approach – including access to new and known talent and improving the engagement and performance of the workforce.

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