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[Live Webinar] EU Directive Decoded: Your Burning Questions Answered

Welcome to the ultimate exploration of the EU Directive on Platform Workers! In this exclusive webinar, we’re pulling back the curtain on the intricacies of the directive, dissecting the good, the bad, and the downright intriguing aspects that shape the landscape for platform workers across the EU.

💥 Download our FREE guide: EU Directive on Platform Workers [The Ultimate Guide]: With the increasing prevalence and growth of digital labor platforms, companies need to understand and comply with the regulations outlined in the EU Directive to ensure fair treatment of platform workers and avoid potential legal consequences.



What Is the European Directive on Platform Workers? The European Directive on platform workers is a legislative proposal by the EU Commission to enhance working conditions for individuals employed through labour platforms. 👉 Watch our interview with CXC’s EMEA Managing Director, Connor Heaney, as he provides a simple explanation of the Directive and what it means for workers and the organisations that engage these workers here: EU Directive On Platform Workers: an interview with Connor Heaney



Tune into the Open Talent Report podcast episode: Connor Heaney, MD at CXC EMEA was joined by legal experts Lucas Stuurop (Lexence) and Julie Van Kerckhoven (Van Havermaet) to discuss the proposed EU directive that aims to improve the working conditions of those working in the platform economy.

🟧 Topics discussed: – What is the goal of the directive? – What impact will it have on workers? – What impact will it have on platforms? – What will it mean for the future of the platform economy?

👉 Listen to the full episode here.

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