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Unlocking Employee Engagement: Crafting A Culture of Meaningful Work

In this webinar, we explore strategies to cultivate a workplace where every employee feels valued and inspired. Hannah, from CXC, is joined by is Marleen Deleu, Co-Founder and Director of Trends&Insights at NextConomy. Marleen shares her expertise on total talent management strategies.

We discuss:

✅ How can culture infuse a sense of purpose with total talent and contractors? How would you bring contractors into that side of the business, without misclassifying their role?

✅ How do wellbeing programmes and worker satisfaction help improve performance in the business?

✅ How can organisations create a culture that encourages continuous learning? Is that relevant to freelancers, or are they there to fill the gaps?

✅ What initiatives are effective in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion?

✅ How does remote work and flexible work improve satisfaction and engagement across talent in the organisation?

✅ How can organisations track the progress and continuous improvements around culture, wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion and meaningful work?

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