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Partner with Experts in the North American Energy and Natural Resources Sectors

CXC offers comprehensive solutions for the North American Energy and Resource Sector and beyond. Our staff is experienced and understands the struggles facing companies in these constantly evolving industries. Here is how CXC can help you overcome:

Talent Shortage and Skill Gaps

Companies in the Energy and Natural Resources sectors rely on the services of skilled contractors. But many do not have the right strategies in place to source, manage and engage their non-employee workforce. That leads to hidden costs, project delays, and inconsistent experiences for contractors.

Recruiting and Retention

The rise of the independent workstyle and the negative impact of ongoing talent shortages have shaken how HR teams strategize and manage their workforce. Workers want more flexibility and higher pay, creating a low loyalty environment that leads to Energy and Natural Resources workers changing jobs at a record pace. Now is the time to implement new workforce management strategies to adapt and succeed in the evolving job market!

Outdated Workforce Strategies

For years, companies have utilized a combination of full-time employees, technology, and external partners to achieve their goals. However, industry leaders are now embracing a more comprehensive talent strategy, taking outsourcing to unprecedented levels. The right workforce solutions partner can help identify the perfect blend of talent—whether full-time or contingent—and technology, creating significant opportunities for growth and profitability in the Energy and Natural Resources sectors.

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More O&G companies rely on EOR to manage their workforce, see if CXCs solutions are a good fit for yourself!

Our “Ultimate Guide” covers everything you need to know about CXCs EOR services before you invest. Get answers to your biggest questions such as:

  • How much does an EOR cost
  • Best practices to mitigate EOR risks
  • Best practices for cross-border employment
  • What to expect during EOR Implementation
  • Key consideration when choosing an EOR provider

Over 30+ Years Of Proven Success

A Compliant Global Contractor and Vendor Management Program​

An international energy and finance company based in the United States with offices in over 25 countries faced challenges with untimely payroll and inaccurate PTO.

Implementation of the CXC Comply platform, ensured proper classification of  contractors and compliant background screenings.

This solution improved the contractor experience, reduced costs, and provided transparency into the global workforce.

CXC has significantly improved the visibility and control of our contractor workforce. Through their consistent review framework and collaborative account management, they have provided us with detailed spend data, tailored analysis and education around emerging trends.

We have been able to better control deals that have been done with line managers that blur the lines of co-employment – such as paying holidays to contractors. Better control and visibility of awards, tenure and rates.

Viva Energy

CXC’s solutions

Full workforce visibility with no hidden costs

We’ll help you understand what’s really going on in your workforce, so you can tackle spiralling costs and take back control. 

  • Detailed spend data and tailored analysis
  • System-generated reports on pay rates, extensions and diversity
  • Negotiation with suppliers to standardise costs
  • Reduced administrative costs vs managing in-house

Simple, streamlined workforce management

We’ll take the complexity out of managing your workforce and give you back hours in admin time.

  • Centralised process with one point of contact
  • Quick, easy and compliant onboarding for all workers
  • Consistent engagement and management, regardless of talent source
  • Automation through our proprietary MyExchange program
  • Efficient processes for offboarding and redeployment

Expert compliance support and risk management

We’ll work with you to keep your workers safe — and your business too.

  • Right-to-work and background checks for all contract workers
  • Third-party employment solutions to protect you from risk
  • Effective record-keeping to ensure full workforce visibility
  • Risk management to protect workers at high-risk sites 

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