Employer of Record (EoR): How to hire internationally

With an end to the COVID pandemic now on the radar, many companies are beginning to focus on a return to growth and international expansion. In times past this presented a number of challenges, especially when you were confronted with all the complexities associated with setting up in a new country: different laws, unfamiliar tax regimes, employment regulations, employee benefits and entitlements, currency exchange, payroll issues etc. That’s the reason why so many smart companies embarking on international expansion today are utilising an ‘Employer of Record’ (EoR) structure in each country of employment – an entity already set up and ready to onboard and payroll new employees on your behalf.

What is EoR?

Offered as a service to many clients throughout Asia and globally by specialist workforce management entities such as CXC, an EoR is effectively an organization that takes over all the legal and administrative responsibilities associated with employing staff; including taking care of the onboarding process while simplifying your payroll, producing expense reports, taking care of tax issues, and setting up your employees’ statutory local benefits. In addition to payroll and onboarding, and extensive local knowledge, an Employer of Record can also support you with foreign exchange and in-country money movement,  insurances and local laws and regulations, as well as arranging work permits and visas for expat employees.


In the post-COVID world to come, where remote working looks set to become a new norm, an EoR structure will become an even more valuable asset for your business. Combine the two – remote working and an Employer of Record – and you’ll never have to say no again to top talent unable to relocate. In effect, with an EoR your company can hire anywhere in the world without the hassle of coming to grips with complex laws, taxes, benefits, currency exchange, or payroll issues etc.

In summary, an EoR is a valuable business shortcut that can significantly speed your time to market in any country, allowing you to focus on core business issues.

So what should you look for when choosing your EoR partner?

No surprises here. Just make sure you do your due diligence homework. First, make sure you choose a reputable, experienced workforce solutions company that offers all of the services you require. Engage with their representatives and ask plenty of questions. Ask to speak with a couple of their current EoR clients too. Are they happy with the services they are receiving? Has it saved them money and streamlined operations? Were communications good or are there any problem areas? Did they deliver on all their promises?

Choosing an EoR partner is an important undertaking, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. As your international hiring partner, your EoR should provide full follow-through by acting as a seamless extension of your team, providing new staff with a corporate onboarding experience that gives them comfort about your business and certainty about the next stage in their career.

professional EoR not only helps you hire internationally but also take full responsibility for ensuring compliance with local laws and best practices, because they understand that they are your outsourced legal, tax, and HR infrastructure. With an EoR structure, it’s never been easier to hire internationally.

CXC offers a comprehensive range of specialised EoR services to help streamline your international expansion plans. We can also help support your new market entry needs by providing business premises to house local, foreign/expat and remote workers.

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