Global Employer of Record

CXC helps you engage and hire talent compliantly in any country you need to do business.

Are you looking to reduce the cost and hassle of setting up an in-country business?

Do you understand the risk and compliance issues when engaging a global remote worker and how to pay them in their local currency?

Do you need an experienced and trusted partner to help navigate global labor laws?

With over 29 years’ experience and expertise in global workforce management, CXC has the resources, technology and compliance capabilities to facilitate worker engagement in more than 100 countries around the globe.

As an experienced and trusted domestic (USA & Canada) and global partner for your remote and in-office workers, CXC acts as the Employer of Record (EOR) in each country where your workers need to work.

CXC’s cloud-based worker platform MyCXC, enables onboarding, benefits management, employer and employee taxation and compliant payroll in local currency.


Staffing Supplier Management

Do you have an inconsistent supplier strategy for contingent workers, with varying contracts, capability gaps and no effective way of managing them?

Supply chain management is an essential service that engages suitably qualified and vetted suppliers, negotiates rates in line with the marketplace and partners with them in a consistent, mutually beneficial relationship to drive performance.

Supplier & Work Cost Savings Plan

Are you effectively managing costs across your contingent workforce?

Inconsistent supplier management and a lack of control over the contingent workforce results in significant cost blowouts. Issues include varying supplier margins, lack of payrate benchmarking, misclassification of contingent workers as statement of work, inflated oncosts and errors in the invoicing process.

Technology, Automation & Implementation

How can you harness technology to meet your sourcing and contingent workforce management objectives?

Providing a contingent workforce solution requires technology to achieve success for your program. CXC’s technology and professional services team can advise, implement and optimize your technology solution.

Worker Engagement & Performance

Are you managing the engagement and performance of both your permanent employees and contingent workers?

Most organizations today do not manage the engagement and performance of contingent workers. Aligned with your HR strategy, CXC can drive this initiative for you.

Data Insights & Benchmarks

Do you have visibility over your entire contingent workforce?

For most organizations, the data and subsequent insights for contingent workforce and statement of work are extremely fragmented and generally owned by third-party suppliers. Even where an MSP program is in place, full worker data is not visible. However, CXC’s programs can deliver this for you.

Enterprise Risk Mitigation

Is your contingent workforce program and reputation vulnerable to emerging risks?

As the HR company for an organization’s contingent workforce, CXC mitigates all the statutory and insurance risks associated with that workforce. As well as current risks, CXC’s in-house internal experts along with external tax and law partners continually review and build solutions in relation to the ever-evolving emerging risks.

Global Mobility

Is your organization equipped to handle the practical and legislative challenges associated with a global workforce?

In a world where tax legislation grows in complexity and where non-compliance can be expensive, it is important to have a partner that understands the nuances of local legislation across the world to protect your brand and prevent escalating costs.