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Everything you need to know to hire compliantly in Ireland

Employer of Record (EoR) in Ireland

Employment contracts in Ireland

Payroll and benefits in Ireland

Leaves and time off in Ireland

Employee protection in Ireland

End of employment in Ireland

Recent developments in Ireland

We understand the challenges of keeping up with regulatory changes. That’s why we actively monitor these changes, so you don’t have to. Read on to discover what’s been happening in the employment landscape in Ireland.

Pay Transparency

The EU recently passed a comprehensive directive on Pay Transparency, which took effect on June 7, 2023. EU Member States, including Ireland, are required to incorporate this directive into their national laws within three years (by June 2026). Among other provisions, the directive sets minimum standards for pay transparency that must be implemented by EU Member States.

The Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2023

This implements an EU Directive aimed at improving work-life balance for parents and carers. This legislation introduces significant new rights that empower employees to enhance their work-life balance, family life, and caring responsibilities.

Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions

It introduced additional protections for workers in the gig economy and implemented other significant changes applicable to all employers in Ireland. This regulations from the European Union were officially adopted into law in Ireland in December 2022.

Employer of Record in Ireland

Hiring and managing global talent can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Explore our detailed guide to gain valuable insights on how to compliantly onboard and engage workers in Ireland.

Employment contracts in Ireland

Understanding the nuances of employment contracts is essential in order to remain compliant. Learn how to draw up compliant contracts for your workers in Ireland with our full guide.

Payroll and benefits in Ireland

Managing payroll can be a tedious and time-consuming task — but it doesn’t have to be. Read our comprehensive guide to find out how to pay workers fairly and compliantly in Ireland.

Leaves and time off in Ireland

Understanding employees’ rights when it comes to paid time off can help with your talent attraction and retention efforts. Read on to learn about Ireland’s paid time off and leave policies and more. 

Employee protections in Ireland

Hiring internationally comes with a lot of risk — and ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Find out the labour laws and regulations you need to know to protect your business as an employer in Ireland.

End of employment in Ireland

Every working relationship comes to an end — and it’s important to handle this transition with care. Learn how you can establish a compliant offboarding procedure in Ireland with our guide.

Compliantly hire anywhere with CXC

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