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Types of partnership​

Partner with us to expand your reach, boost brand visibility, unlock new opportunities, and offer more services to your clients. Join forces with industry leaders and elevate your success in the contingent workforce landscape. Learn how we could work together.

EoR & AoR partners

Our EOR and AOR partnerships are two-way agreements to help each other out when our clients require solutions in markets where we don’t have a presence. Together, we can create new opportunities for your clients and ours.

MSP partners

Managed service providers rely on CXC to provide additional services to their clients. For example, we can round out your offering by adding a payroll solution that complements your existing programme. We can also provide MSP services in markets where you don’t currently have a presence. For larger MSPs, this often means they’re able to give their clients access to markets where the worker volume is low, which it wouldn’t make sense for them to manage internally.

Technology & service partners

If your organisation provides a service that helps contractors or the businesses that engage them, let’s talk. We can plug your service into our solutions, providing a better service for our clients and getting you more custom at the same time.

VMS partners

We partner with leading and emerging VMS providers to give our clients access to the technology they need to keep track of their contingent programmes. As a VMS partner, you’ll be able to get your software in front of our clients — and recommend our services to yours when they need help with sourcing, engaging or managing contractors.

Staffing partners

Through our staffing partnerships, we connect staffing firms that have candidates to place with the global businesses that need them. We can handle background checks and vetting for our partners, and compliantly engage contractors on their behalf. This means we can help staffing agencies place workers globally for their clients when they don’t have the resources or entities to do so themselves.

RPO partners

Are you an RPO looking to access cross-border talent and solutions around the world? We can help with that.

CXC partners with RPO companies in multiple countries to help gain wider access to the contractor workforce.  In fact, many of our RPO partners are specialized recruitment agencies. How does it work? CXC becomes your talent partner for those high level, managerial and executive roles. We help our RPO partners to access and compliantly engage talent worldwide, while you continue the relationship with your client.

Find out more about forming a strategic partnership with CXC to transform your RPO business.

Why become a CXC partner?

At CXC, we firmly believe that business is about building connections with trusted partners. We currently have partnerships with some of the world’s largest organisations, which allows us to provide better, more comprehensive solutions for our clients and theirs.

Discover new business opportunities 

When you partner with CXC, you get access to our whole suite of workforce management and contingent worker engagement tools. That means you and your clients can overcome tough challenges and scale with confidence.

Expand your global reach

Our geographic footprint spans five continents, and we provide our services out of 30 offices around the world. That means we can help you to reach new markets, and your clients to expand their businesses globally.

Increase brand visibility

We’ve been in the business of engaging and managing contingent workers since the early ‘90s. That means we know a lot of people. Our partnerships allow newer players in the space to get their brand in front of top businesses all over the world.

Ready to work together?

If you’re working in the contingent workforce landscape, it makes sense to partner with organisations that can help you to broaden your reach, increase your brand visibility, create new opportunities and offer a wider range of services to your clients. 

We’re always looking to grow our operations by partnering with exciting, innovative businesses all over the world. 

Want to join us?