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Enhance efficiency and drive better outcomes for your organisation

Bring together your workers, processes, and data in an integrated, automated process with CXC’s help.


Struggling with fragmented, sub-optimal and disjointed processes?

Every company has its own distinct procedures when it comes to sourcing, onboarding, scheduling, tracking, managing, and compensating their contract workers.

By implementing a carefully crafted workforce management program, businesses can unlock significant opportunities. 

This begins with an in-depth analysis of the current state, followed by the design of a tailored future state that meets specific requirements.

The result is the integration of workers, processes, and data into an automated and cohesive system, leading to improved management efforts and cost reduction.

Still lacking full workforce visibility?​

It’s common for businesses to manage their flex workforce manually, with multiple departments and decision-makers involved in the process, including payroll, HR, business line managers, and procurement.

This often results in a lack of transparency and an inability to accurately determine the effectiveness of these practices and processes.

We offer reliable solutions designed to streamline and simplify your workforce management, providing clear insights and valuable data to aid in your decision-making and drive success for your business.

Here’s how we can support optimising your key processes:

Streamline and automate processes
Streamline and optimise the competitive bidding cycle
Streamlined and error-free invoicing
Enhanced management efficiency
Expert VMS re-configuration
Efficient recruitment and sourcing
Exploration of alternative sourcing channels
And much-much more...


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Delivering a holistic contingent workforce solution for RELX

RELX’s approach to global contingent workforce management was leading to inflated margins, non-compliant practices and process inefficiencies.

RELX needed a new model – one that enabled them to lower contractor costs and remain competitive and compliant within their industry. Before implementing a solution, the company identified several challenges it hoped to address, including:

  • Poor visibility into its flexible worker base and a lack of data to evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Inconsistent processes for supplier vetting and engagement.
  • Paying a premium for resources.

Possible impacts of poor workforce management

Want to enhance efficiency, improve cost-effectiveness, and drive better outcomes for your organisation?

1. Inefficiency and decreased productivity

Without optimising workforce management processes, businesses may experience inefficiencies and a decline in productivity. Manual and inconsistent steps in workforce management can hinder operations and lead to suboptimal resource allocation, resulting in decreased output and effectiveness.

2. Higher costs

Inefficient workforce management processes can lead to increased costs for an organization. Manual processes and errors in tasks such as scheduling, payroll, and recruitment can result in wasted resources, overstaffing, or underutilization of talent.

These inefficiencies can lead to additional expenses and reduced profitability.

3. Lack of agility and adaptability

Traditional workforce management processes may not adequately address the dynamic nature of labor markets and changing business needs.

In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses require agile and adaptable workforce management practices to respond to fluctuations in demand, rapidly changing skill requirements, and emerging market trends.

4. Ineffective decision-making

Without optimized workforce management processes, organizations may lack visibility into critical workforce data, making it challenging to make informed decisions.

Access to accurate and timely information on workforce performance, costs, and skill sets is crucial for effective decision-making and achieving strategic goals.

5. Dissatisfied employees and decreased engagement

Inefficient workforce management processes can lead to employee dissatisfaction and reduced engagement.

Issues such as poor scheduling, understaffing, or inadequate training can negatively impact employee morale, productivity, and retention.

Improve quality, increase productivity and operational efficiency​

Improve quality, increase productivity and operational efficiency

Our experienced team can assess your existing workforce management program, offering valuable recommendations, or assist you in creating and implementing a new program tailored to your unique needs.

With our support, we provide you with the necessary tools and external expertise to successfully achieve your workforce management objectives.

Optimise your processes with an efficient contingent workforce management program

Streamline and automate your workflow by eliminating laborious and time-consuming administrative tasks, and replace them with data-driven insights and high-quality information, to make better-informed decisions for your business.

Why invest in your workforce management program?

Investing in your workforce management program yields significant benefits, including improved quality, increased productivity and operational efficiency, and time savings, resulting in reduced costs.

Need Help?

Trust our 30+ years experience to optimise your contingent management processes and unlock your business’s full potential.

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