Global Employment Organisation

Hire anyone, anywhere

A GEO (Global Employment Outsourcing) solution, popular in Asia, is a service firm offering quite similar to an Employer of Record but one that generally offers a more comprehensive range of HR services.

These may include company setup, recruitment, onboarding and training, payroll services, and more.
Therefore, a GEO can become an EoR for the workforce of an enterprise that expands overseas, as well as fulfilling a wider range of HR and administrative functions.

The more comprehensive GEO structure utilizes ‘employers of record’ (EoR) in each country of employment – already set up and ready to onboard and payroll new employees. This streamlines the hiring process and ensures that employers are in full compliance in the host country – saving you time, money, and risk.

The GEO service is a perfect fit for you if:

CXC Global Payroll - Global Employment Outsourcing

GEO is a more comprehensive employment solution than a PEO for companies hiring abroad, either short or long term. The GEO, acting as or partnering with an EoR, handles every aspect of employment administration on behalf of the end client. And while there is a single GEO structure, there can be many EoRs employing locally in multiple host countries.