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Expand And Manage Your Global Workforce With a Global PEO

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CXC GlobalApril 11, 2023
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The structure of the workforce has changed dramatically in the last couple of months.  Businesses all around the world are facing up to the challenge of re-structuring their workforces and the way they do business. Locally in the U.S. immigration has been paused. 

Travel restrictions prevent workers from being deployed to other countries and others have had to return to their home country. For some managers, it is business as usual, while others have had to completely change their workforce management strategy. 

Managing a remote workforce has its own set of challenges, even more so when the workers are based in multiple countries. Having a centralized solution for managing those workers is key.

In addition to restructuring their workforce, many businesses are now also taking on more contingent or project based workers. Travel restrictions further increase the complexity of this workforce management. Once the talent is identified, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to engage the worker.  We’ve listed a few key points below:

Ensuring the correct worker classification minimizes risk and exposure to all parties involved.  This is particularly relevant when engaging workers in foreign countries, as each country has their own set of employment laws and regulation.


global PEO (Professional Employment Organization) takes care of all necessities involved in compliantly engaging and managing a global workforce. CXC partners with other PEO’s and businesses to provide a truly global solution. 

We managed the whole process from the point the talent is identified, to being vetted and onboarded, with right to work checks in place, all in keeping with local in-country laws. The benefit of working with a global peo is that you have a compliant centralized solution for ongoing management, including time collection, invoicing and payroll. 

Currency conversion is managed so that workers are paid locally in the currency where they are performing the work, while the businesses received a single invoice to pay in their local currency.

CXC MSP Service


As global leaders with 28+ years’ experience, CXC provides innovative workforce management and cost-effective solutions and has enabled corporations around the world to achieve a competitive advantage by reducing costs and risk and increasing profits.


With the largest global footprint of offices and in-country solutions, CXC partners with organizations to not only expand their reach, but also deliver cost savings and superior service. Having the highest number of CXC owned offices in 38+ countries and presence in 70+ countries enables us to effectively and compliantly engage and manage workers domestically in the U.S and globally.


CXC enables companies to compliantly manage workers domestically and globally, while improving efficiency, quality and reducing risk.

Too often clients have such a diverse network of contingent workers, that they are lost at where to start when looking to reduce and minimize the risks of engagement. CXC allows these organizations to utilize a centralized work flow to ensure compliant engagement of these workers while reducing risk, cost, and receiving exclusive management with experts spread globally. CXC Comply assists organizations ensure correct classification of their talent not only domestically, but globally through a compliant and automated process. 

Konner Scherry, CCWP, Global Solutions Manager North America


The CXC Comply platform was developed initially as a vetting tool.  It has since been developed to include background checks and right to work on a global scale.  The online platform provides a secure portal for both the worker and the client, with automated processes to enable smooth and seamless workforce management, thereby reducing time to fill and speeding up the onboarding process.


The CXC total solution means you don’t need to shop around for multiple partners for support.  We are your total solution.  With the highest number of owned offices globally, we can provide a truly global solution, so no hidden partnership fees.

When one of my client companies was expanding their global footprint, CXC was able to provide a Total Solution. Utilizing CXC Comply global workforce compliance platform, CXC was able to provide vetting assessments and classification around the world, which minimized my client company’s risk. On boarding was completed quickly and cost effectively, with no hidden partnership costs. Best of all CXC offers a designated support team, which means no more shopping around for support!

Jack Stone, CCWP, Global Solutions Manager North America

Contact our specialist team today to learn more about how CXC partners with organizations around the world with our Global PEO services.

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