Governments Embracing the Gig Economy


Governments Utilizing Gig Workers

A recent article posted at highlights the results of a survey conducted by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence – State and Local Government Workforce: 2018 Data and 10 Year Trends.

The survey looks at states and localities and how they are using gig workers.

The gig economy is growing by the day as more individuals make the choice to move to more flexible work arrangements and now governments are also starting to utilize this talent form more in various departments.

The survey suggests that while only a few governments have started hiring gig workers, they’re already filling some staffing gaps in nearly every segment of the public workforce. “It’s an emerging issue and is one there has not been much attention paid to,” says Gerald Young, a senior research associate at the center.

Gig economy and temp workers are most commonly employed in office and administrative support functions, with 20 percent of states and localities surveyed indicating their use. Other positions more frequently filled with these workers include accounting, cleaning and maintenance work.

Given that utilizing the gig economy is still somewhat new for governments, there will be challenges for agencies and third parties to face in terms of  dealing with processes and regulation / legislation around the non-permanent workforce. The cost factor is also a major consideration for governments and the impact  using non-employees may have on their existing full-time staff.

As we continue to see growth in this sector and maintain our commitment to assisting corporations, governments and individuals around the globe to navigate this workforce, ensuring compliance and minimizing risk remains a key focus for CXC Global and our global partners.

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